It’s a very difficult era in which to be a person, just a real, actual person, instead of a collection of personality traits selected from an endless Automat of characters. And if all of us are play-acting, there can be no such thing as a soulmate, because we don’t have genuine souls. It had gotten to the point where it seemed like nothing mattered, because I’m not a real person and neither is anyone else. I would have done anything to feel real again.”

Excerpt from “Gone Girl”

100 Classic Books Challenge

Hello again-

I decided that I am going to read my way through this list of 100 classic books, and review each of them for you guys. I am starting this challenge in the hope of culturing myself. I always complain at how little I know and how naive I can be, but I never do anything to change it. This is my solution. You can view the list by clicking on the link in the first sentence, and I hope some of you try and struggle through this long book list with me.

“A book is a gift you can open again and again.”  -Garrison Keillor