Danger of Overthinking

Ink on paper
But come alive inside her head
She can't let them escape through her lips
Franticly swirling in her mind 
But those words still linger
Those thoughts still linger
Never escaping
Building up and up until she can't take it anymore
The words have won
The thoughts have taken control


The sunshine bounces off the pavement
Glaringly bright in her cloudy eyes
But she always seems to smile

She has the endowment of grace
Never letting anybody see through her face
Her mask
Blocking out how she truly feels

Remaining forever a mystery
Even to her
She cannot seem to find the right words
Only her indistinct fears can be heard

The Cycle

She’s a romantic
Viewing the world through naive eyes
She is only deluding herself
Perfection can never be reached
She waits patiently
For her heart to accept what her mind already knows
She’s only capable of seeing black and white
Therefore soon falling into cynicism
But she is too pure to stay there
She claims to have a desire to understand the grey
But what her heart truly aches for is the perfection
So she slowly returns to her abusive relationship with idealism
And therefore the cycle never ends
It is only a matter of time before she is hurt again
Her expectations shattered into thousands of pieces
Then she will again be waiting patiently
For her heart to accept what her mind already knows
Idealist to cynic to idealist
Round and round she goes
It’s always the same