SB16- Bring it.


I can do anything I want. I will have no responsibilities, and I will actually be able to enjoy myself.

If I want to sit at home on the couch and binge watch Netflix all day, I can. If I want to go out to Craighead Forest and spend the day reading a book by the lake, I can. If I want to be extremely social and spend the entire week hanging out with friends, I can. If I want to try out some crazy craft project, (and probably fail miserably and make a huge mess) I can!! There is nothing expected of me, and I couldn’t be happier to get a break from school.

This week may be exactly what I need to clear my head, reevaluate my priorities, and just have a ΒℜΣΑΚ.



The sunshine bounces off the pavement
Glaringly bright in her cloudy eyes
But she always seems to smile

She has the endowment of grace
Never letting anybody see through her face
Her mask
Blocking out how she truly feels

Remaining forever a mystery
Even to her
She cannot seem to find the right words
Only her indistinct fears can be heard

Sky’s the Limit

So, I’m sitting on my rear end at the airport in these surprisingly comfortable chairs. My plane won’t leave for practically another two hours, but I do understand my grandparents’ desire to be exceptionally early.

I feel so confident about my ability to handle this situation utterly on my own, but I love how worried my grandparents were leaving me. They reminded me about several things over and over until they were left satisfied that the knowledge was left drilled in my head.

Flying by yourself is rather intimidating, but then exciting after you’ve done it a couple times. It makes you feel like an adult, like you’ve been given a responsibility and you can either handle it skillfully or royally screw it up. It’s nice knowing that my decisions and my decisions alone will affect this outcome.

And I’m not thinking ooey gooey thoughts about John, my boyfriend, but of course he comes to mind while I’m sitting here killing time. He’s never flown on an airplane before. I really want to be with him the first time he does. I could guide him through the procedures. In fact, I’d like being able to take charge for once. He’s so annoying adept at everything.

In ‘N Out


       This vacation came and went by so quickly. I feel like yesterday we were just stopping for the night in Mobile, Alabama.. not sure that we were actually going to get a hotel room. We had driven all day, and Peyton (my boyfriend’s two year old … Almost THREE! brother) had to stay awake until well after midnight.


Bless his heart. But, really, it feels like the trip just began. I am reluctant to actually get in the car tomorrow and make the painful journey back to reality and errands. But, it’ll be good for me.

    My favorite part of this vacation was getting to meet all of John’s (my boyfriend) family that I hadn’t ever met.



We took this vacation with John’s dad’s side of the family, and the only people I knew were John’s immediate family. It was nerve racking, but I managed. I grew to love everyone, and I’m glad he got to share this part of his family with me.