Learning Life from Eminem? Alright.

So I started my very first job; I’m a part-time bank teller at Simmons First National Bank, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with myself. I started last week, and I can already feel myself sinking into the rhythm of what is expected from me. It feels natural…walking into work, grabbing coffee from the break room, making sure my drawer is balanced, making jokes with all the other employees.

BUT there is always a but.

While I enjoy the actual working aspect, I do not enjoy the amount of time it sucks out of my day. I feel as if my grades are dropping, my social life is lacking, and I’m running out of energy because I don’t have time to sleep.

Long story short: I have become peanut butter spread way too thin on that piece of bread we call life, and I just may be losing my mind.

It doesn’t help that while my mind is deviously running away from me, there have been several bombs dropped on me. And I don’t mean tiny little smoke bombs; I’m talking Hiroshima here, guys…

I refuse to go into it, because everything is extremely personal and to be quite frank, I’m just tired of thinking about it. I’m laughing so hard right now, because I can’t believe I’m actually about to put this quote in here…but it makes sense. And it fits. And let’s face it…Eminem is freaking awesome.

And I refuse to feel sorry for myself. Because sometimes life gets harder, and sometimes disappointments become more and more frequent. But that’s when you fight back. That’s when you get stronger.

“Imma be late for the pity party, but you’re never gonna beat me to the f***ing punch again”             -Marshall Mathers